Should I know the basics of how to shoot a pistol before taking concealed carry classes?
Yes it is beneficial but not necessary.

Can I bring my own gun for the Basic Pistol – Rifle or Shotgun class?
Yes you may bring your own gun and ammunition to these classes.  (Absolutely no reloads or jacket rounds)

What should I bring to class?
If you have your own eye and ear protection bring them or we can furnish them.

What is proper attire?
Comfortable closed toe shoes, crew neck top, and long sleeves if weather permitting.

Is lunch served?
Lunch will be served with bottled water for the concealed carry class only.

When is payment due?
The day of class.

What if I do not own a firearm?
We will furnish one for you.

How do I know if I meet the Ne CCW Standard?
On our website there is a link to Nebraska CCW Regulations – section 005 Permit Eligibility – will give you all the requirements.

How do I know what class I want or need to take?
If you tell us what your shooting sport interest is we can help you take the right class or classes to help you achieve your goal.

Do I have to be fast or accurate to take these classes?
No, you do not have to be fast, we teach you the shooting fundamentals which involves a lot of slow smooth repetition.  We will teach you hands-on how to improve and transition your accuracy  to be on target.

Can I take pictures during class?
No pictures can be taken in classroom but will be allowed on the range.

What if I have a group of friends that want a private class?
We encourage groups as it helps revive the shooting sport.  With a advance notice we can accommodate your request.